Call of interest

Become a DeIC National eScience Pilot Project

DeIC National eScience Center offers support to get new HPC users started. Researchers at any Danish university may submit a call of interest for a project to become a DeIC National eScience Pilot Project at DeIC National LifeScience Supercomputer, DTU.

A national eScience pilot project is granted up to forty hours of technical support and 10,000 compute node hours. The project is selected as an HPC frontrunner within the research field in question, and the people involved are required to share their HPC experience in relevant fora.

DeIC National LifeScience Supercomputer, DTU aims to reach new branches in the continuously growing HPC community and is especially focused on projects related to Business Intelligence within lifescience. However, other lifescience related disciplines will also be considered.

All calls of interest submitted will receive an evaluation with their respective HPC applicability and hence potential nomination as an eScience frontrunner pilot project at DeIC eScience Center.

If you have any questions, please contact Head of administration Myhanh Nguyen on phone number: 51 64 74 92 or via E-mail:


How to apply

Applications should be submitted as doc, docx or PDF format by email to


You must list the following criteria for your project in order for it to come into consideration:

  • Executive Summary
  • What is the scientific output of the project?
  • What is the technical problem to be solved?
  • Legacy or new app?
  • Data size, location.
  • Processing “size” if known.
  • Any publications.
  • Did you publish any previous work using Computerome? If yes, please list DOI of publications where Computerome was used.


Some previous pilot projects


Myhanh Nguyen
Head of administration
IT Service
+45 51 64 74 92