Secure environment

Computerome is one of the world’s largest super computers, within life science and is built with security and sustainability in mind.

When working in life science, the data are often very large and heterogeneous and may be sensitive and therefore, also covered by the Data Protection Act. The security around the computer and data is essential, both in regards to the physical surroundings; protection against theft of the computer equipment, but also in regards to the protection against data theft. Furthermore, the the system is build to ensure that one data owner, does not have unsolicited access to other people’s data.

In case of power failures a large back up battery, supplies emergency power so that all tasks in process, may be closed down safely. New HPC containers can easily be connected to the existing infrastructure and if new users should wish for it, the space may be upgraded to a higher security level.

Cloud solution
The data is secured in a cloud solution, which also prevents data from being moved in and out of the computer, more than necessary. This also has the advantage that both private companies and scientists, who can’t afford a supercomputer, are able to safely access Computerome. High performance computing centers are able to connect with each other, were scientists are able to use each other’s data and find new and greater correlations e.g. within health.
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Ali Syed
Senior Platform Manager at Computerome
DTU Bioinformatics
+45 60 90 46 46