Sustainable system

From the beginning Computerome was designed with sustainability in mind. At its original size, Computerome used three hundred kilowatt and the whole place is dimensioned for seven megawatt. All this energy is channeled to be used for heating at DTU Risø Campus. The cooling system is constructed with a warm and cold side. The warm side, towards the computers, has a temperature of about 50 Celsius, so it may be used in the heating system of Risø Campus.

The system is constructed so that for every new computer added, it will immediately provide to the heating of Risø. Currently Computerome heats up all of Risø Campus for four months a year. In time, the space will be expanded with more supercomputers and then it will be more than able to provide for campus all year around. This way, Computerome is not only good business, but it also help to reduce the CO2 emission.



Ali Syed
Senior Platform Manager at Computerome
DTU Bioinformatics
+45 60 90 46 46