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Monday 03 Dec 18

CRISPR Cas proteins have emerged as powerful genome editing tools. Currently the targeted genome editing technology has been used in many fields and may be a possible approach for human gene therapy. These new protein templates are fexible, faster and easier to customize and have basically little limitations regarding the DNA sequence that they could target. Thus, these templates have become the main editing tools in many laboratories.
Furthermore, it can also be used to modifying the genomes of model organisms for studying human pathways or to improve key organisms for biotechnological applications, such as plants, livestock genome as well as yeasts and bacterial strains. Watch the video where Guillermo Montoya talks about the strong collaboration with Computerome to process the amount of data. 

CRISPR - Cas Technology 

Guillermo Montoya, Research director professor NNF, Center for Protein Research at København University. 

CFIM - Core Facility for Integrated Microscopy - is a technology platform offering access to a wide range of state-of-the art light and electron microscopes. Besides hosting equipment, CFIM provides expertise, training, and support.

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