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Being one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers dedicated for life science and healthcare, Computerome plays a vital role in undertaking ambitious research projects. Because each research project and healthcare application is unique, and thus requires a unique solution, Computerome is highly customisable, and can be modified to meet the needs and requirements of all users.

Computerome is thus used in a vast amount of different contexts, including bedside support, algorithms for personalised medicine, sequencing of biological data, registry-based research and in developing new pharmaceutical treatments.

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Please refer to our Service and Support Catalogue & Terms for an overview of our services and support options.

Standard HPC

Standard High-Performance Computing (HPC) service offers access to a secure and powerful storage and compute cluster where data can be analysed and stored. The standard HPC service is a compute-resource-as-a-service, allowing users to request remote access to dynamic and scalable storage and compute resources as a pay-as-you-go service.

Users can submit jobs to the cluster’s work queue, and Computerome’s workload and resource management system will ensure that all users share the cluster’s resources evenly and fairly. Users can also reserve resources for a short or longer period in case they need to ensure the resources are available in a specific period and not shared with other users.

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Secure Private Clouds

The Secure Private Cloud is a Platform-as-a-Service, which provides the user with a private and dedicated virtual supercomputer, configured and optimised to meet the user’s specific needs, special requirements and workload. 

The Secure Private Cloud users are provided with the resources, services, tools and configuration needed to meet the exact needs of the user. The Secure Private Cloud is a 100% containment of the data, users and compute resources within the cloud, and with strict security regarding access and transfer of data. The virtual supercomputer and its resources are dedicated and available for the users at all times and from anywhere, and are scalable to match changing needs of the user.

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Custom Solutions
& Services

We also offer a wide range of custom solutions, tools and services like Virtual Machines (VMs), application servers, web servers, database servers, SAS servers etc. 

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Data Science
& Research Consulting

We offer several customised solutions to our users all related to data management, data science, algorithm development, software development and project management. We further offer several data storage solutions, including solutions for databases and data lakes. We can assist in the entire project and data science life cycle; from first ideas to design, construction, analysis and reporting.

We also offer specialized consultancy services in case your project only requires assistance with a specific part of the data science life cycle. 

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Computerome offers a wide range of support services to help our users get the most out of Computerome and to resolve their problems. Support includes answering user questions, providing assistance with on-boarding, troubleshooting, updating operating system and software, monitoring health and performance of the system, security, compliance, threat prevention etc.