The profile of a typical HPC user has changed. Today users care about services, not technologies, nor resources involved. 

How to access our services
You can either buy the specific computing time you need, or you can gain access to all the services offered by Computerome with a flexible solution that will adapt to your specific needs over time. Thanks to a new cloud solution Computerome is able to introduce a Service provider model for HPC that  fits the very diverse needs and profiles of life science users and ensures accessibility,  flexibility, affordability and reliability. 
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Services include:

  • Separate storage with HIPAA-compliant auditing
  • Private copies of reference databases like TCGA and Ensemble
  • Batch Queuing system – to ensure SLA
  • Wide selection of preconfigured and regularly updated scientific tools
  • Support for both Windows and Linux
  • Extreme Scalability (from 1 CPU VM to 1000+ CPU)
  • Complete separation from the internet or monitored and  filtered one way traffic
  • Access to specialised services e.g. GPU nodes, o -site redundant backup
  • Data Analysis & visualization services
  • Dynamic Pipelines
  • Cloud bursting – cloud in a box.
  • Data collection to analysis service (BGI online)
  • CLC Bio workbench
  • Cloud based GATK
  • Analysis of human gene expression and regulation
  • Large genomic pipelines in a portable and reproducible manner
  • Data collection
  • Hadoop & Spark
  • R studio suite


With our service provider model you can stay focused on your core business and not get distracted by complex IT decisions.
Access to Computerome is available to everyone interested in Life Sciences. See how to get access