Secure Cloud

Using cloud technology as a delivery mechanism for HPC you get a lot of advantages and you hide the underlying hardware/Software complexities. 

With Cloud architecture on top of HPC you can:

  • Apply data management and automation
  • Set up private secure virtual supercomputers
  • Enable sophisticated security and governance setup
  • Adapt to local statutory acts 
  • Scale resources hour for hour

Get your own virtuel supercomputer with secure cloud
With our secure cloud solution you can get your own private secure virtual supercomputer at Computerome. Your data will be secured in a private cloud, accesable from anywhere, but only to whom you choose. This has the advantage that both private companies and scientists, who can’t afford to buy, update and maintain their own supercomputer, are now able to obtain all the benefits of a supercomputer. 


Security measures with secure cloud:

  • Smart phones or programmable hardware tokens
  • Import/export is under strict control
  • No open connection to the internet
  • All administration happens from inside
  • Separation between projects
  • Hardened gateway and firewall
  • Encrypted backup, one key per project
  • Sys-admins are single users (traceability)

    Accessible from anywhere through proper mechanisms
    Secure private clusters
    Virtual clusters
    Cloud bursting capabilities
    Security, isolation and access control in compliance with statutory acts

With secure cloud you get:

  • Fast, flexible and secure infrastructure 
  • Scalable storage and compute power
  • Secure access to the sensitive data
  • Ability to combine different types of sensitive data and perform analysis 
  • Avoid increasing costs for computing infrastructure.     

How to get a virtual supercomputer

We build it for you
Based on your needs we set 
up everything for you

Computerome builds it
Computerome ascribes the assets you need in order to solve your specific tasks. 

You build it Your self
Using our user friendly web interface you can design and order your virtual supercomputer easy and quickly.

To learn more contact Ali Syed