Computerome accelerates cancer research at the Danish Cancer Society 
Listen to an interview with Elena Papaleo who leads The Computational Biology Laboratory at the Danish Cancer Society. Her group works with a “multi-scale” computational approach to cancer biology. In this interview she explains about her research and how Computerome has been a valuable partner, when it comes to reaching their ambitious goals.  
(Intro in Danish but Interview in English)


Developments in Genomic Medicine at Rigshospitalet
At the Center for Genomic Medicine, Rigshospitalet, they use genomic information in disease research which include both personal human genomics and pathogen genomics. In this interview (in Danish) Rasmus Lykke Marvig, explain how they have used Computerome at Rigshospitalet for identification of disease-causing genetic variants in patients with cancer or immune deficiency.


Sequencing the Amazon
If you want to sequence all the plants in the Amazon rainforrest you really need a supercomputer. In this podcast (in Danish) we are in Brazil talking to Associate professor Bent Petersen from DTU Bioinformatics, who is leading an ambitious project of sequencing both known and unknown rainforrest medicinal plants with the purpose of building a global data portal. All with the help of Computerome